About Us

The economy in Israel, as in the rest of the world, relies on small businesses as a central growth engine. ‘Yozmot Atid’ is working to integrate underprivileged individuals with initiative into this engine, thereby making them an essential part of the economic growth process in Israel. The organization give these women and men an opportunity to change their lives by establishing or developing their own small business, we do so by creating the full platform to initiate and embark on economic independence.


?How Does It Work

First of all, it starts with an idea, a special talent or even a small project that you started yourself and want to take a step further. In the next stage, we will give you all the tools and experience that we have gathered over the years, so that you will be able to establish the business you dreamed of, or, of course, develop the existing business into a successful and prosperous business.

From small, subsidies, loans, through personal professional mentoring, to business training from professional mentors with extensive experience – Everything you need to take your dream one step further- Free of charge.

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?What Makes Us Special

You have a dream. You have even set some targets and goals, you read online about business plans and consulted with a friend. But just before you start, you realize it’s not as simple as it sounds. Here ‘Yozmot Atid’ comes into play. Women and men, just like you, who want to live in financial independence, are given the support and all the tools necessary to start a safe and focused way of building an independent business – and again, free of charge.

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The Tools We Provide You

We know that the way to a small business can be difficult and confusing at first, so we’re here to give you a special set of tools so you can grow your business just like you dreamed.

All of our services are free and include:

  • Long-term business mentoring with a dedicated mentor, who is a professional business consultant, and volunteers at Yozmot Atid
  • Business training in marketing, financial management, business development.
  • Small loan under preferential terms
  • Various of services and benefits for your business, through the organization’s business partners
  • Participation in local networking groups and exposure to new customers
  • Extended support from professionals from different occupation fields
  • Marketing support through local and national collaborations


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